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DATE: CATEGORY:threshing machine
Our corn thresher combinations are special used for maize threshing.They feature on small size,flexible transportation among working places, easy adjustment and usage,high efficiency,high threshing performance, low breakage rate and so on. This corn sheller machine has two big performance: one kind is can peeling, one kind is can threshing, twice finished. After the skin, tear ripped skin part of the rotor four shaft standards. Change into threshing rotor, need not change can not only threshing motor, effort.convenient,safe,reliable,and power,energy consumption is low, small work efficiency. Net rate is more than 95% off, broken rate is less than 2%.
features of corn thresher
1.The small corn sheller is used for threshing the corn from the corn body without breaking the corn cob;
2 the
corn sheller thresher
machine using double rollers,higher working efficiency,threshing more thoroughly;
3.the corn thresher operation is simple and safe;
4.the corn thresher has high working efficiency, low energy consumption;
5 keeping the corn cob in good shape, threshing rate is high;
6.The small corn sheller is a new type machine and very suitable for rural family to thresh corn.

DATE: CATEGORY:threshing machine
new design corn sheller is used for threshing corn, also keep corncobs unbroken. When work, by high-speed rotation and hit, corn cob discharged from sieve, and corn silk, leather from the discharge outlet.The corn sheller machine has two functions, peeling and threshing corn maize.the corn thresher is mainly applies to shell and thresh the fresh sweet corn and waxy corn quickly. It is used for
threshed the grain form all kinds of fresh, sweet and sticky corn, the
corn sheller thresher is also suitable for the freezing and defreezing corn.the corn threshing machine is widely applied in the home, livestock breeding, small farm, small feeds production company, grain and cooking oil processing factory, wind plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, and so on.This corn sheller machine is quite simple and having high output. the maize threshing machine is also very easily transportable because of own wheel and related frame. The 850 type maize thresher is used to thresh high capacity of maize crops, husking and shelling maize cleanly at the same time by this machine, it does not damage the tips of the grain and thence grain is suitable for use as seed.

dvantages of corn sheller home
1.Corn threshing capacity 3000 to 4000kg/h bags per Hour. (30-40 bags/h,1 bag = 100 kg).
2. This corn sheller is a threshing machine for threshing the husker and weeds from the maize cob.
3. the corn sheller has own transport system to delivery, has the rubber wheels to move.
4. This maize/corn thresher have the own matched mobile system to pulled by bull or donkey.

DATE: CATEGORY:threshing machine
This corn peeling machine is the two-in-one peeling threshing machine. After you shell the maize peel, please lay aside the fresh corn cob for several days until they become dry, then you can use this corn thresher machine to thresh the dry corn cob into corn grains (through another feeding hole and discharge hole) directly without changing any part of this two-in-one corn peeling and threshing machine.This corn peeler thresher machine adopts the threshing automatic regulation device, so as to reach the effects of threshing clean and the corncob will not be broken.This machine specially used on husking sweet corn or wet corn, fresh corn, very advanced technology,

the corn peeling threshing machine has large capacity, high peeling rate, no broken niblet after peeling, qualified by the agriculture department, meet exporting standard, large capacity processing.Husker for corn cobs, sweet corn processing equipment/fresh corn husk peeler waxy corn husk removing machine, fresh corn processing equipment,the
corn sheller
machine is consisted by 3 systems of threshing, selecting and separating, which can be used for many kinds of crops such as Corn, Rice, Wheat, Bean and Canola by adjusting the sieve and width of the roller entrance.
Using Thresher, the threshing crop stalk can be completely put into the threshing unit, which enables a good continuance of production, a high production efficiency and extremely small losses.
But for corn threshing use, the corn should be dried and without corn leaves and stalks.
DATE: CATEGORY:threshing machine
corn threshing machine or shelling machine consists of separating the grains, or the shells in the case of groundnuts, from the portion of the plant that holds them.This separation, done by hand or machine, is obtained by threshing, by friction or by shaking the products; the difficulty of the process depends on the varieties grown, and on the moisture content and the degree of maturity of the grain.

corn threshing or shelling operations

cprn threshing or shelling operations follow the harvest and whatever pre-drying of the crop is undertaken.
These operations may be carried out in the field or on the farm, by hand or with the help of animals or machines.Depending on the influence of agronomic, economic and social factors, threshing or shelling is done in different ways:
As we have observed above, the operations of harvesting and threshing or shelling can be carried out simultaneously, by combine-harvesters or picker-shellers.electric corn sheller machine is used to separate the corn kernels from the corn body, it is a new idea
corn sheller machine which are compact in design, which separates the corn without breaking the corn cob. the electric corn shelling machine has high in capacity, our offered new design corn sheller machine for sale can separate the corn from the its body and throw out the corn cob at the same time.the main structure of the electric corn sheller machine for sale has stander frame,feeding hole,rollers,discharging hole and so on.when maize goes into the new idea corn sheller machine,the rollers rotates,friction, Extrusion and propulsion to remove the kernels from the corn cob.we have wheat thresher for your choice! 

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DATE: CATEGORY:threshing machine
 The main working parts for the installation of the rotor on the corn thresher machine,through the rotor and the drum rotating at high speed hit and threshing,is more widely used types of threshing
equipment,with small size,light weight, installation, operation, easy maintenance,high
production efficiency advantages. The maize sheller machine, or, in modern spelling, threshing machine (or simply thresher), was first invented by Scottish mechanical engineer Andrew Meikle for use in agriculture. the corn thresher machine suppied by zhengzhou victor machinery co ltd was devised (c. 1786) for the separation of grain from stalks and husks. For thousands of years, grain was separated by hand with flails, and was very laborious and time consuming, taking about one-quarter of agricultural labor by the 18th century.[1] Mechanization of this process took much of the drudgery out of farm labour.
features of corn thresher machine
1.the corn thresher machine has simple structure, reliable operation.
the corn thresher machineassignments of good quality, each index has reached national relevant
the corn thresher machineadaptable,can thresh wet wheat, also can thresh rice, corn and other grain. Multifunction operation.
4.the use of safe, convenient maintenance, occupy small place.
5.threshing dish with vice knife page, prolong service life of threshing dish.
6.a food fights with two bagging card, can also loaded on two bags, crisscross meet beam, reduce farmer’s work load.we also have wheat thresher for farmers use

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