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feed pellet mill for making poultry farm feed, wood pellet mill for making biomass pellets,and chaff cutter for cutting straw and stalks

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DATE: CATEGORY:wood pellet mill

1. the wood pellet making machine is widely used for pellet of light substance, such as wood chips, sawdust, straw, pasture, chrysanthemum, palm leaf and so on;

2. The feeder's especial structure makes materials conveyed evenly, the wood pellet making machine is specially designed for pellet of light substance with the density of 0.3-0.6g/ cm3;

3. Feeder, conditioner and chute are made of stainless steel with long service life;

4. the pellet mill is with magnet and over load protection system, which can protect machine well during production;

5. Feeder is with a variable speed controlled to meet different outputs requirements;

6. the wood pellet making mill makes gear directly-connecting as the driver, and is with quick-release die fixed by clamps, which can increase the output 15% more than the same type machine with belt-convey;

7. The bearing and oil seal in the main drive are imported from Japan to ensure highly-efficient, stability, credibility;

8. The alloy steel die is with international advanced equipment and technics, and has long service life, slippery pellet and high quality.

features of wood pellet making machine

1. We manufacture the machines in accordance with the European standard.
2. All of our wood pellet making machines have passed CE certificate.
3. Our flat die type
wood pellet machine is for pressing biomass materials to be solid pellets which is for burning or animal feed.
4. You can use nearly all kinds of biomass as raw materials, such as agricultural waste, straw, fodder, forestry wastes, lumber leftover, sawdust, wood chips and so on.

DATE: CATEGORY:wood pellet mill
 flat die wood pellet machine is designed for a variety of biomass raw 

materials. The input size is 3-5mm, moisture should be 13-18%, the finished pellets

diameter is 6mm and 8mm.

Naive gearbox gear using alloy steel, surface carburizing and quenching treatment,

the fine grinding processing, the pellet mill has smooth transmission,with low noise, large bearing capacity,the pellet making machine has low temperature, long service life.

Advantage of wood pellet machine

The series wood pellet making mill equipment, are indispensable for scientific feeding and fueling by making the fullest use of natural resources. The fodder will be nearly cooked during the processing which can greatly increase the proportion of take-in nutrition. 

And reduce the zymolysis time of fertilizers.the flat die wood pellet machin eis very Suitable for small and medium-sized farm for personal use or for small and medium-sized feeds manufacture, the wood pellet machine capacity is 2-5t/h, can be used with feed manufacture of dusty

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