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DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer granulator
pan type
fertilizer granulating machine is a cubage measuring feeding equipment; the pan granulator supplies materials to the next procedure evenly and continuously; At the same time, it can bear relatively higher pressure.the bio manure fertilizer granulating machine is a fine powdery material feeder suitable for non-cohesive materials like coal powder, cement, chamotte, limestone, shale, gangue and clunch.the bio fertilizer pellet mill is widely used in gold concentrator, coal mine, chemical plant, construction and foundry for quantitative and even feeding.
The pan revolves at a certain angle with the horizontal plane driven by the motor through reducer.. The powder will rise along with the revolving pan under the friction between the powder and the pan, on the other hand, the powder will fall down under the function of its gravity. At the same time, the powder is to the pan edge because of the centrifugal force. The powder material rolls in a certain trace under the function of these three forces.the bio fertilizer granulating machine gradually becomes the required size, then overflows by the pan edge.the animal manure fertilizer granulating machine has the advantages of high granulating rate, homogeneous grain, high strength, easy to operate, convenient maintenance.  

working principle and features of fertilizer granulating machine

1. manure fertilizer granulating machine structure is new and suitable. Its weight is light. Its height is low. Its process layout is flexible. And it is suitable to reformation of old factory.
2. The tilt of market is adjustable. Fertilizer pan granulator uses angle of gasket, which makes it convenient to adjust.
manure fertilizer granulating machinemanure fertilizer granulating machine decrease power consumption.
4. The grail includes chuck body and pan section, which can decrease the power of main motor. Pan section can be adjusted up and down along the pan body. The end of pan is made of the flange, which can protect materials from breaking.
manure fertilizer granulating machine is designed with unpowered composite scraper and horn scraper liquidation. Fertilizer pan granulator has a good effect of cleaning and ball making. The diameter of 90% pellet is 3-5mm.

DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer granulator
dry method granulating machine without dryer saving much cost for you

The material is cnstrainedly pressed by mechanical force, without any additional ingredients, thus purity is ensured,The dry material is made into granules directly, no need for any further drying process. So the double roller granulator is greatly good for processing compound fertilizer and making bio organic fertilizer.The strength of the particles produced by the multifunction granulating machine are high, the mass density is increased more apparently compared to other methods of granulation. this type fertilizer pellet mill is especially applicable for to increase the mass density of product.The pollution of enviroment is controlled, the wasted powder is reduced, the packaging fee is decreased and the product is easier in transportation.
The structure of the multifunction granulating machine is compact, the maintenance is convenient, the operation is simple, the process is short, the energy consumption is Iow, the efficiency is high, the probablity of fault is Iow, the application range is wide, and the pressure of roller might be adjusted freely according to the property of material.The materiar feeding adopts non-step inverter control, the automation level is high. One operation migh control multi-units of machine
features and working principle of multifunction granulating machine
1. All kinds of dry materials enter into multifunction granulating machine from the roof of it, and then are transported to rabbet after degassing and compressing.
2. Then the two rollers of the multifunction granulating machine rotate towards opposite directions with a same speed, and press the materials. Materials enter into fertilizer pan granulator naturally because of gravity and tension.
3. After that, the materials will be transported to vibrating screen to be separated.
4. At last, the qualified products will be transported to finished product warehouse or be parked directly. The unqualified materials will come back to feeder machine and be re-crushed.
5. You can adjust the hydraulic system to adjust the pressing force according to the size and strength of the materials. Besides, adjusting the shape of roller surface slot can get different shapes of materials such as, sheet, strip, olive-shaped, flat globular.

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