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DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer machine
 Rotary Drum Dryer is the ideal drying equipments to dry a variety of powdery,granulous,massive material with humidity such as river sand,silica sand,limestone,slag,coal ash,sawdust,wood shavings,wood chips, chicken manure,
grass,bean dredgs,cassava residue,cassava residue,coal slurry,etc in the industries
Of mineral dressing,building material, metallurgy,chemical and fertilizer.the rotary drum dryer is usually used with
fertilizer granulator machine or pellet mill to dry raw materials before granulating.The cow dung drying equipment has advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency ,low energy consumption,convenient for transportation,and reliable operation;Therefore the consumption of the coal and the electricity is lower than the common ones,while the Production capacity is 10 -15% higher.the operation is very simple and reliabele. For this reason and it is used widely.There are plates in the inner wall of drum, they can make the chips full contact with the hot airflow when rotating, which decreases the drying time and pushes materials to the low side. When hot airflow pass through the rotary drum, materials are collected by the cyclone. If you want to make the off gas less dust, the off gas should be cleaned by the bag filter or hydro filter.

features of rotary drum dryer

1.Rotary drum dryer has logical structure, perfect in workmanship,
high productivity and low energy consumption.
2.Rotary drum dryer has reasonable instruction, and energy consumption can reduced by
10-15%; productivity can increased by 10-15%.
3.the rotary drum drying equipment is suitable for drying materials of powders, flakes, grains of fertilizer, sludge, clay,
mineral powder, and coal ash.

DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer machine
Chicken litter drying machine is for large, medium, small farms and some developed farming regions.According to the requirements of products, we can choose the different heat source. Such as: gas producer, dirctly-heated type ,indirect hot-blast stove,heat transfer oil,electrical heating,steam,etc.the rotary drum dryer is suitable for chicken manure,duck manure,livestock manure,and slaughter scraps which the moisture content is below 65%.the chicken litter drying machine has a good effect on opening feed source,lowing the cost of feed and reducing the environmental pollution.

Manure litter drying machine Main features

1.Production technics :the chicken litter drying machine can be used to dry the fresh chicken manure from moisture content 65% to chicken manure organic fertilizer which the moisture content is below 13% after the High temperature drying,the manure can be granulated into organic granules with
fertilizer granulator machine or a small pellet mill
2.Drying product:The organic fertilizers are full of necessary nutrients for the crop.The scientific research departments found that the nitrogen fertilizer was 2.6%, phosphorus 3.5%, potassium content of 2.5%, crude protein 16-25%, organic matter is 45%.It's the best choice for planting the pollution-free green food and also can be used for feeding the fish, cattle, pigs and so on.
3.chicken litter drying machine has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity and continuous operation.
4.Structure was simple and excellent . Materials running smoothly through the cylinder's resistance.The operating is convenient. 

Application and Brief Introduction of Rotary Dryer
1. Rotary chicken litter drying machine is mainly applicable for drying materials in agricultural industries as well as in the fields of cement, construction, building materials, chemicals, food, light industry, medicine and mining, etc.
2. chicken litter drying machine mainly consists of dryer body, raw material feeding plate, driving and supporting device, seal ring, etc.
3. chicken litter drying machine can be generally divided into four types, they are:
rotary drying machine
, triple-drum dryer, indirect heat transfer dryer, vertical dryer.
4. Different kind of dryer has its own characters and advantages; the specific choice of a special dryer depends on different elements.
5. The customer can consult Hongke heavy machinery to select the most suitable dryer. HK brand sand and ore used Rotary Dryer, cheap Dryer for sale.

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