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DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer machine
With more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing animal
manure dewatering screw press, the new victor machinery animal manure dewatering screw press provides high performance combined with a compact design. The victor machinery manure dewatering screw press fertilizer machine complies with the European Union legislation on such issues as safety, hygiene, and environmental protection.the manure dewatering screw press lifespan is long and the press offers the additional advantages of easy operation and low maintenance. The manure pellet machine has a high specific capacity compared with other dewatering equipment as well as low wash water consumption and high dry solids levels achievable. The victor machinery dewatering screw press works with low power consumption and low operating costs compared to other dewatering technologies.
Material entering the hopper is subjected to gradually increasing pressure as it moves toward the exit end of the press, forcing the liquid phase to extrude through the screen.
Dewatering of fibrous materials has proven successful over a wide range of applications. Waste from produce, canneries, plastic recyclers, breweries, poultry processors, and even some paper mill applications, will dewater with excellent results.

Working principle of manure dewatering machine
The machine use the pump to pull water from food waste , the material through the screen and then press by the screw , the rotary speed of the machine can reach 45r/min , within the press of the screen and high rotary speed , the material will be dewatered by the machine , and the water will enter into the pool through screen.

manure dewater machine 34e0379.jpg 20121212229690.jpg 

DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer machine
automatically feeding chicken manure dewatering equipment dewatering screw press automatically feeding chicken manure dewatering equipment have a single bearing or bushing at one end and a gear drive at the other end with openings in the casings that allow fluid to escape as the sludge is pressed. However, when these openings are too small, they plug up, so openings must be made adequately large. But, if sludge is pressed too hard,the fertilizer machine extrudes through the openings. For many sludge applications, those simple mechanical limitations render traditional screw presses inadequate to achieve solids which are dry enough. A better dewatering technology is needed.The victor machinery manufactured automatically feeding chicken manure dewatering equipment is designed to be a fully automated system capable of starting up, operating and shutting down with no operator intervention. In addition to controlling the victor machinery manure dewatering equipment itself, the control panel is designed to automate the polymer feed system, the unit sludge feed pump, as well as any conveyors required to remove dewatered cake. All components of the dewatering system work together, automatically starting up, operating, and shutting down as required.

Feature of manure dewatering equipment
1.Increased length of material,increase pressure,increase speed ,
and can handle water content of 30%,easy to adjust the humidity
2.motor and reducer are separated,Separate maintenance
3.Gravity hammer, increase pressure, adjust the dry humidity accurately
4.Electric cabinet with voltmeter and ammeter,Data is intuitive, motor is easy to protect.
5.The Dehydrated chicken manure,In addition to as fertilizer, we can also make it to be the feed of sheep and cattle.

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