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DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer machine
rotary drum coating machine is an important fertilizer machine used to cover a layer on the surface of the fertilizer granules as a protection film.the rotary drum coating machine can effectively prevent the agglomeration of fertilizer granules.This rotary coating machine adopts special liquid material spraying technology or combing with solid powder coating technology, which leads to good coating effect and can enhance fertilizer efficiency and often used in whole complete fertilizer production line.When the product particles entered into the internal of the rotating coating machine and kept rolling, firstly with the help of compressed air and the nozzle, atomized the prepared oil mixed coating agent and then coated on the surface of the fertilizers, thus forming a uniform protective film on the surface of fertilizer granules which can effectively preventing the salting-out effect and agglomeration phenomenon occurs.The internal structure of the rotary drum coater has been specially designed according to the process requirements.Our rotary coating machine is made up of main frame, belt conveyor, Our rotary coating machine can use powder spraying technology or liquid coating technology to coat the protection layer which can prevent compound and organic fertilizers from caking.Its inside finish adopts polypropylene lining or acid resistant stainless steel plate to protect the machine from corrosion 
Rotary Drum Coating Machine Remarkable Features
* Fertilizer coating machine main body adopts polypropylene lining or acid resistant stainless steel material which is anti-corrosion and with good durability.fertiliser granule
* Using special liquid material spraying technology or combing with solid powder coating technology.
* Good coating effect of final fertilizer products, meanwhile improves the brightness of the fertilizer particles surface.
* High efficiency,reliable operation, low malfunction,easy maintenance.

DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer machine
Our double hopper fertilizer packaging machine is mainly used for quantitative packaging of various fertilizer particles with high speed, such as compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, organic fertilizer, urea and so on.the double hopper fertilizer packaging machine is also appliable for many other granules materials packaging, including chemical materials, feedstuff, seeds, rice, etc which is used commonly in a whole fertilizer production line. Fertilizer weighing and packing machine is mainly composed of automatic weighing machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine and automatic controlling box, rational design and structure.Double hopper fertilizer weighing and packing machine is widely used for packaging fertilizer granules, and which is also for other crystal, particle, loose and flaky materials.this packing fertilizer machine has with good flow-ability in fertilizer, chemicals, feedstuff, chemical raw materials, seeds, rice, sugar making and other industry.
Double Hopper Fertilizer Weighing Packaging Machine Features
Fertilizer weighing and packing machine adopts multilevel feeding mechanism which results in wide weighing range and ensures the speed and accuracy under the maximum or minimum weighing value.
fertilizer bag
* The components which contacted with fertilizer materials are all made from stainless steel and meet national standards on fertilizer equipment,durable.
* The weighing system utilizes PLC touching screen controlling and is designed according to the dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion requirements.
Fertilizer weighing and packing machine has advanced design concept,compact structure,easy operation,little room occupancy.

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