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feed pellet mill for making poultry farm feed, wood pellet mill for making biomass pellets,and chaff cutter for cutting straw and stalks

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05 | 2016/06 | 07
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DATE: CATEGORY:feed pellet mill
 these small pellet mill are the new designed products of our company and the main parts of the fodder machinery system.the small pellet mill are widely used in feed factories, breed aquatics factories, organic fertilizer factories, chemical factory and China traditional medicine factories, etc.the feed pellet mill can be used together with power material.Its capacity is superior in the same industry home and abroad.this feed pellet making machine is mainly used to make feed pellets for rabbit, pigeon, layer chicken, broiler, duck, goose, floating fish feed pellet, pig feed pellet and so on. The key parts are made of alloy steel to be very strong and malleable.   the materials for the small pellet mill can be corn powder, grain powder, crushed straw
and grass, rice husk,wheat bran,oil cake,fish bone powder and so on, especially low
bonding and unformed materials. this small pellet mill may also be applicable to biological
fertilizer,making organic manure pellets as well as fertilizer for low temperature granulation.

Features and Advantage of small pellet mill
• The feed pellets are with high density, smooth and clean surface
• Formation rate: 98% High capacity,Low investment: suit for family and farm use
•Belt drive or directly connecting drive of this small pellet machine, working with electric power or diesel as optional;
• Auto lubricate system: continuous work and high efficiency
• Alloy steel Roller, extender machine service life
DATE: CATEGORY:feed pellet mill
 small pellet mill can make the pellets by shaft driving and high-technology, working without water, and belongs to dry-input, dry-output. The pellets made mainly by small breeding can preserve at least half one year.the feed pellet mill is widely used in family and small scale farm. The compressed feed pellet is healthier for poultry and livestock, such as chicken feed pellet, duck feed pellet,floating fish feed pellet, pig feed pellet, horse, cattle, sheep, etc.
Raw materials are such as the corn powder, soybean pulp, grass meal, etc.The pellets made by our small pellet mills have high density and high combustion value. The pellet specifications can be adjusted at will through changing dies. The made feed pellets have smooth surface,If your raw materials are hard with lower adhesion power,please add some soft raw materials to mix,so that it can easy to hold together when the machine working and pellets will easy to press out.Because such pellet machine works on the base of the friction and pressure between the roller and the mounted die,flat die feed pellet machine is also known as flat die pellet press.the
feed pellet making machine
are the simplest design of animal feed pelletizer, this kind of manure small pellet machine had been originally applied mainly in the animal feed market,which was the situation up to the 1970's,small pellet mill works on a vertical design, using gravity as the main force for feeding the material through the machine. Flat die feed pellet mill have a horizontal die, with a series of rollers sitting on the die. When material goes in from the top feed inlet, it is compressed between the rollers and die.

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