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12 | 2019/01 | 02
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DATE: CATEGORY:fish feed pellet mill
 Why Choose floating Fish Feed Pellet Mill
1. This floating
fish feed pellet mill can process various grain waste like corn,wheat,rice,soybean into animal feed pellets with rich nutrition and easy digestion. 
2. it can not only be used for making fish feed pellets, but also can be used for making feed pellets for dog, cat, bird, rabbit, fox, etc.
3. the fish feed pellet mill is very popular with animal breeders, medium sized feed stuff factory.
4. Feed pellets produced by our  
feed pellet machine have smooth surface, floating time is more than 12 hours

flaoting fish feed pellet mill Features
the floating fish feed pellet mill is very easy operation, installation and maintenance. Material directly entering the pressing chamber, through high press pelletized, speedy screw push and high temperature, are made into puffing feed pellets.
2. this king of dry method granulation fish feed pellet mill is suitable for small size feed stuff factory or home use.






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