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DATE: CATEGORY:charcoal making machine
 the sawdust charcoal making machine can be used in producing high quality wood 
charcoal stick with sawdust, wood chipses, branches, crop stalks, sugarcane residue, 
coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalks, bamboo dust, palm husk, 
soybeans husk, tea waste, etc.  

the wood sawdust charcoal making machine is equipped with automatic temperature control system and designed to produce high 
density wood briquette from biomass. 

The fished charcoals made by the charcoal briquette machine can be used to heat boiler, fireplace, etc for warm in house.

Features of charcoal making machine

Charcoal briquette pellet making machine shows the features of high capacity, low energy consumption, compact and durable. Many performance data such as capacity, wood briquettes density, electricity consumption and wearable degree has reached advanced level. Charcoal briquetting pellet mill can be used as charcoal powder briquette machine by replacement of some spare parts. The out diameter of finished briquettes is 30-90mm.
Working principle: of charcoal making machine

The working principle of the charcoal machine is:

firstly, the motor transmits power to transmission through the belt;

at the sane time, the transmission output shaft transmits power to propeller through the floating coupling;

charcoal making machine 1.jpg 






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