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DATE: CATEGORY:charcoal making machine
 Complete Project of Charcoal / Biomass Briquette:This plant can make charcoal stick of different diameter and different shape.

Flowchart of the Charcoal / Biomass Briquette Technology:

Raw material –1st crusher—2nd crusher--drier--biomass / charcoal briquette machine --carbon bar furnace--finished product--packaged.
charcoal making machine can turn sawdust, wood, rice husk, coconut shell, peanut shell and other woody materials into briquette charcoals, which can be used for bioler, heating and warming and making charcoals.Industrial carbon, a medium-sized industrial silicon plant needs every year the amount of carbon in the tens of thousands of tons of.Activated carbon, silicon carbide, silicon, carbon disulfide, explosives, insulation materials production and smelting plant, mosquito plant, plant of copper, steel, rubber factory needs a large amount of charcoal, carbon life, barbecue heating,and so on

Sawdust briquette charcoal making process:


1. Crush the raw material into small pieces (diameter is about 3-5mm) with hammer mill

2. Dry the material by machine or dried it in the sun, till the moisture is less than 12%

3. Put the material into feed let of briquette machine

4. Produce the briquette stick from biomass material without any additive

this machine is mainly used to make stick shape charcoal fuel,most people want to make small wood pellets for house warming in winter,then
pellet mill is best choice






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