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DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer machine
the poultry manure dewatering screw press is widely used for separating cow, pig, chicken, duck, goose manure, Sewage biogas slurry, lees, dregs, starch slag, slag sauce, slaughter plant with high concentration organic waste water.The livestock manure dewatering screw press machine can be also called solid-liquid separator which uses a submerged pump to pull the fresh fowl manure, cow dung, pig manure, etc.the poultry manure dewatering screw press machine can remove much water content in the animal manure to save energy cost when using a rotary drum dryer,the poultry manure dewater screw press commonly used in organic fertilizer production line. the materials are pressed and pushed by the screw , the dry materials will be discharged through the discharge hole, meanwhile, the water will be discharged through the screen. After processed by this fertilizer machine, water content in manure is less than30- 35%.

working step of screw cow manure dewater screw press machine:
1).The raw material is pulled the pump and enter into the animal waste screw dewater machine;
2).There is filter sieve and a screw in the screw dewater machine,the mateiral will though the filter sieve and be pressed by screen to reduce water content.
3).Then the animal waste will be forced to do high speed rotation by 
press screw manure dewater machine;
4).The animal waste dewater machine rotary speed is around 45r/min,so screw dewater machine could produced a great centrifugal force with the great pressure and centrfugal force ,the water form the raw material;






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