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DATE: CATEGORY:fertilizer machine
Organic fertilizer production line is designed based on mature and advanced technologies. The fermentation system of our organic fertilizer granulator equipment can save energy to a large extent, because this system can make full use of solar energy, bio-energy and mechanical energy.
 The whole fertilizer production line process is centralized controlled. Hence, our
fertilizer pellet mill features high automation, flexible and convenient operation. Computer controlled batching and packing systems highly guarantee the accuracy of material batching and fertilizer packing.We produce fertilizer pellet machine
, such as fertilizer ferment upender, feritlizer crusher, feritilizer pellet machine and disc granulator , rotary drum fertilizer granulator, fertilizer dryer and pellet cooler, pellet screener, mixer, pellet packing machine, various silos,weighter and all conveyors e. c. t. Our factory has more than 15 years history , CE,ISO9001 high quality certificate, For fertilizer production line, introduction as below :

1.Organic Fertilizer production line makes 2-8 mm dimension fertilizer granules.Raw materials can be animal manure waste, biomass waste ferment materials, chemical products.

2.organic fertilizer production line contains ferment process,crushing, mixing, pelletizing ,granulating,drying, cooling,screening,crumbling and packing pellets parts. such as ferment upender,fertilizer crusher, mixer, pellet machine, disc and rotary drum granulator ,rotary dryer ,belt dryer ,pellet crumbler ,cooler ,screener,all bins, screener,packing machine conveyors e.c.t. we will design the full fertilizer pellet line flow chart according to your raw materials character and specific requirement.





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