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02 | 2019/03 | 04
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DATE: CATEGORY:threshing machine
victor machinery developed the wheat thresher machine is special for the farmers who are in hill country areas.the threshing machine has small volume, light quality, electrical power consumption, high efficiency, reasonable structure, good performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, beautiful shape, affordable and reliable quality, reputation is good wait for a characteristic.
this machine adopts threshing winnowing, joint operation, so that the wheat, wheat straw, chaff, a threshing and separating. The
corn machine
equipment has the advantages of simple structure convenient operation, high threshing rate, low loss rate and low energy consumption. In order to save manpower and material resources, shorten the period of wheat harvest, welcomed by the majority of users.
Working principle : The crop through the functions of the friction ,extruding,
crash,shaking between the rattler's rack and sieve assembling unit, making the seed
detaching from the stalk, then discharge from the sieve, the stalk is casted by the
centrifugal role of the rattler, then finishing the threshing.






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