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DATE: CATEGORY:threshing machine
This corn peeling machine is the two-in-one peeling threshing machine. After you shell the maize peel, please lay aside the fresh corn cob for several days until they become dry, then you can use this corn thresher machine to thresh the dry corn cob into corn grains (through another feeding hole and discharge hole) directly without changing any part of this two-in-one corn peeling and threshing machine.This corn peeler thresher machine adopts the threshing automatic regulation device, so as to reach the effects of threshing clean and the corncob will not be broken.This machine specially used on husking sweet corn or wet corn, fresh corn, very advanced technology,

the corn peeling threshing machine has large capacity, high peeling rate, no broken niblet after peeling, qualified by the agriculture department, meet exporting standard, large capacity processing.Husker for corn cobs, sweet corn processing equipment/fresh corn husk peeler waxy corn husk removing machine, fresh corn processing equipment,the
corn sheller
machine is consisted by 3 systems of threshing, selecting and separating, which can be used for many kinds of crops such as Corn, Rice, Wheat, Bean and Canola by adjusting the sieve and width of the roller entrance.
Using Thresher, the threshing crop stalk can be completely put into the threshing unit, which enables a good continuance of production, a high production efficiency and extremely small losses.
But for corn threshing use, the corn should be dried and without corn leaves and stalks.





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