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DATE: CATEGORY:threshing machine
new design corn sheller is used for threshing corn, also keep corncobs unbroken. When work, by high-speed rotation and hit, corn cob discharged from sieve, and corn silk, leather from the discharge outlet.The corn sheller machine has two functions, peeling and threshing corn maize.the corn thresher is mainly applies to shell and thresh the fresh sweet corn and waxy corn quickly. It is used for
threshed the grain form all kinds of fresh, sweet and sticky corn, the
corn sheller thresher is also suitable for the freezing and defreezing corn.the corn threshing machine is widely applied in the home, livestock breeding, small farm, small feeds production company, grain and cooking oil processing factory, wind plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, and so on.This corn sheller machine is quite simple and having high output. the maize threshing machine is also very easily transportable because of own wheel and related frame. The 850 type maize thresher is used to thresh high capacity of maize crops, husking and shelling maize cleanly at the same time by this machine, it does not damage the tips of the grain and thence grain is suitable for use as seed.

dvantages of corn sheller home
1.Corn threshing capacity 3000 to 4000kg/h bags per Hour. (30-40 bags/h,1 bag = 100 kg).
2. This corn sheller is a threshing machine for threshing the husker and weeds from the maize cob.
3. the corn sheller has own transport system to delivery, has the rubber wheels to move.
4. This maize/corn thresher have the own matched mobile system to pulled by bull or donkey.






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