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DATE: CATEGORY:metal crusher machine
scrap metal crusher is mainly focuses on waste recycling market and small or medium-sized recycling market.the scrap metal crusher can deal with different material such as scrap metal,iron bucket, bucket of aluminum,tin cans, paint cans,coking cans,color stee tiles,aluminum engine,etc.The final metal size can be from 10mm-200mm,the density at 1.2-1.8T/CBM after shredding.The metal shredder machine mainly rely on impact of material to broken.The material enter into the crusher,suffered the impact and broken of the high speed rotary hammer, broken material obtained energy from hammer kinetic, with high speed to the frame body flap and at the same time material hit each other, broken by many times.
The materials less than the sieving gap discharge from the clearance. Individual larger stores impact again by the hammer, grinding, extrusion and broken

Features of scrap metal crusher machine:
A: The scrap metal crusher slow down the motor drive.It works smoothly without too much noise.
the scrap metal crusher has strong structure and dense stiffeners to ensure the equipment chassis is strong.
C: The scrap metal crusher is delivered with conveyor feeding equipment.
D: The scrap crusher has full range of control buttons. It needs as long as one person to control the device in entire processing procedure.
the scrap metal crusher
equipment body is accompanied by a security identification and security labels to ensure safe use.
the scrap metal crusher
 equipment can produce a much higher percentage of group ball.





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