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DATE: CATEGORY:metal crusher machine
metal crusher machine knife from the rack, crushing chamber, the rotor assembly, fixed blade, rotary cutter, screen, the feed inlet and other components. Fixed blade fixed to the rack, turn the knife is fixed to the rotor, rotor rotary cutter driven by rotational tangential fixed razor knife, the material is shredded to less than the pore size of the screen is discharged from the discharge port. Gap broken crushing chamber and fixed knife rotary cutter material different basis, adjusted between 0.1-0.5mm.Aluminum beverage metal can crusher sprite cans coke cans ,beer cans .iron bucket ,oil barrel.paint cans this metal shredder machine can crush the can into small pieces through external force according to the requirements of user ,it's good to reduce transportation cost and improve the efficiency of the cast iron furnace .so it plays irreplaceable role in the steel or metal processing Enterprise.
After crushing particles as material of steel-making,13 big advantages:

1.The coming out molten steel ratio is higher than steel scrap.

2.The chemical composition of molten steel is stable.

3.Low phosphorus content in molten steel.

4.Low Sulfur content in molten steel.

5.When mixed charging with other steel scrap,zip-top can,Lacquer bucket ball can fill the gap,Improve the filling density.

6.When smelting, charging less.






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