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feed pellet mill for making poultry farm feed, wood pellet mill for making biomass pellets,and chaff cutter for cutting straw and stalks

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DATE: CATEGORY:feed pellet mill
 flat die pellet mill machine is a machine based on circular movements, motor-driven, driven pulley to the spindle and the flat transmission mode, under the influence of the friction, pressure roller rotation,the pressure roller and laminated create friction between the temperature, powder material by high temperature gelatinization and protein coagulation degeneration, in the squeeze 
roller, the discharge from the die hole, through the adjustment of the cutter can be the required length
of particles in the feed tray will be made by the rejection of particles by the discharge port discharge.these 
pellet making machine are the new designed products of our company and the main parts of the fodder machinery system.the feed pellet mill are widely used in feed factories, breed aquatics factories, organic fertilizer factories, chemical factory and China traditional medicine factories, etc.the flat die pellet mill machine can be used together with power material.the flat die pellet mill machine capacity is superior in the same industry home and abroad. Now this flat die pellet mill machine is mainly used to make feed pellets for rabbit, pigeon, layer chicken, broiler, duck, goose, fish, pig and so on. The key parts are made of alloy steel to be very strong and malleable. Now our flat die pellet mill machine have been exported to Qatar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, America, Tunisia, Turkey and so on.
Working Principles of flat die pellet mill machine
The main shaft and flat die in the effect of friction drives the pressing roller rotating itself. The temperature will rise between the pressing roller and mould disk, then the high temperature will ripening the starch, make the protein denaturation and solidification. Finally the raw materials will discharged from the mould holes. Then the pellets can be get out of the flat die pellet mill machine through the throwing disk. We can control the length of the pellets according to adjust the angle of cutting knives.





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