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feed pellet mill for making poultry farm feed, wood pellet mill for making biomass pellets,and chaff cutter for cutting straw and stalks

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DATE: CATEGORY:oil press machine

The series of oil press/oil expeller is composed by automatic control part, heating pressing part, adjustment part, transmission part and vacuum oil filter.The automatic control system is composed by air-break switch, alternating current contactor, temperature control meter, circuit automatic protection device etc.The heating and pressing part is composed by the heater, cage bar, body assembly etc.The transmission part is composed by of the spindle and reducer casting, belt pulley and motor wheel etc.Adjustment part is composed by of the adjusting bolt, adjusting nut and locking nut etc.

Vacuum oil filter is composed by vacuum pump, oil filter can and some other assemblie

The advantage of cottonseed oil press machine

1.Saving labor: the peanut oil press can save 60% labor for equal output and 40% labor cost per day for one or two people  are able to make production.     

2.Widely used : the peanut oil making machine can be used to completely press more 
than 20 kinds of oil crops,such as peanuts, groundnut, palm kernel, camellia seeds, hemp seeds, rapeseeds,soybeans,castor,benne seeds, palm seeds,sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, tea seeds, 
tung seeds etc.before making oil,these seeds must be fried with
peanut roaster machine

3.Small land-using: peanut making machine covers an area of about 10-20 square meters, workshop can meet the demands of processing. 

4.Pure oil quality : the vacuum oil filtering is used to remove residue so as to ensure the pure oil 
quality and meet the standard of heath quarantine.






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