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feed pellet mill for making poultry farm feed, wood pellet mill for making biomass pellets,and chaff cutter for cutting straw and stalks

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DATE: CATEGORY:chaff cutter
cattle feed chaff cutter for animal forage

Chaff cutter is used for cutting green (dry) of  corn stalks, rice straw and other forage crops, straw and agricultural

animal husbandry machinery. Fed  mainly by the general body, guillotine shear machine,throwing bodies, transmission,running gear, protection devices and rack components.The cuttingh legths can be reached 10mm-50mm.

Working principle of chaff cutter 

the chaff cutter  uses the motor as the powerful engine, then deliver power to spindle. The gear of spindle's Another side can through gear case, universal joint to transmiss the adjusted power to cutter's Roller. When the normal materials between the under and upper cutter roller, the small chaff cutter machine is holded by cutter Roller and as a certain speed sent to cut institutions, according to the high speed cutting then Carrying from the discharge opening.
Our unique Ensiling Chaff Cutter finds favor in numerous customer's eyes for its unique design and functions. Our Ensiling Chaff Cutters suitable for cutting green and dry corn stalk, rice and wheat stalk. The processed mass can be used to feed cattle, goats, deer, and horses. It can also be used in paper-making and bio-mass electricity generating.
we also have feed pellet mill  for making chicken feed pellets used in poultry farm and home use






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